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January 01, 2021

Redbird Announces New 200-foot tower providing High-Speed Internet to the RM of Laird

Building on the arrival of Redbird’s Fibre-Optic Internet in Waldheim in 2020 Redbird is today announcing our intent to construct a new tower 1 Km north of Waldheim to serve the residents of the RM of Laird with ultra-fast wireless internet.  New subscribers to the tower can expect consistent speeds based on the CRTC mandate of 5 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up.

All permits and regulatory approvals have been secured for the new tower.

The majority of towers providing fixed-wireless internet in rural Saskatchewan are doing so from micro-wave signals from other towers.  This is a profoundly inefficient but necessary circumstance given the long distances and sparse population of rural Saskatchewan.

Redbird’s new “Fibre to the Tower” series is being initiated in Waldheim and will erase the specter of finite internet being oversold leading to slower speeds.

About Redbird

Redbird Communications continues to invest in bringing their 100% owned fibre-optic network to underserved communities in central Saskatchewan. Residents and businesses can expect reliable, uninterrupted internet service up to 20 times faster than the maximum speeds available from existing providers.

And here’s the best part! Prices are equal to or in “most cases” less than our competition since existing providers cannot match our speeds in the “most cases” category. Check out Plans and Fibre Coverage to see when we are coming to visit your area.

Or better still, have your Mayor, Reeve, Administrator or Councillor talk to us about coming to your community at www.talktoredbird.ca. All communications to this site are confidential.