What To Expect

Identify your locates

All services, such as hydro, water and other utilities, will need to be located ahead of time. This way, our field team can make sure not to hit anything when we drill (flags, spray paint and pylons will mark all the utilities). It’s also important to have your own private utilities, such as sprinkler systems or electrical that you’ve installed yourself, clearly located for our field team beforehand. If you have any questions about your private locates, reach out to us at [email protected]

Proposed Fibre Route

Before Redbird’s contractors enter your area, our team will flag our proposed fibre route up to your home or business. If you have any questions regarding our proposed route, questions can be directed to [email protected] or phone 306-979-6733.

Installing Mainline

The first step in our construction phase is to install mainline conduit. This conduit is coloured and delivered on large reels, then pulled underground by directional drilling. Mainline is the backbone (conduit and fibre) for the entire fibre network build – it carries the fibre from your location back to our Saskatoon data centre.

Advantage of our vaults

We take pride in the build of our network – it’s entirely underground. As a result, there are no ugly above-ground pedestals to potentially hit or knock over. The mainline conduit is connected to concrete vaults placed underground where the fibre is spliced and pushed through to your home.

Fibre drop duct

After mainline and vault placements are done, and the proposed route is confirmed, Redbird’s contractor will install drop duct. Drop duct is the conduit that connects your home or business directly to our mainline/backbone at your town or municipality’s right of way. To gain access to the mainline conduit, there will be a hole roughly 3×3 feet made in front of your home or business. The conduit will be drilled from this hole, up to the network interface device (NID) placement on your building – causing minimal disturbance to your lawn and garden.

Once this drop duct is drilled to your building, a Redbird field technician will install the NID on the outside of your building and connect it to the conduit. After this step, Redbird’s drop crew will push your fibre up to the NID and it’s time for your final installation.