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Casa Rio East

Casa Rio Estates

Cathedral Bluffs

Edgemont Estates

Grasswood Estates

Hamlet of Neuanlage

Hamlet of Neuhorst

Prairie Haven Estates

Resort Village of Thode

Resort Village of Shields

RM of Corman Park

South Country Estates

Town of Waldheim

Wood Meadows

Village of Bradwell

Water Park Estates

Ashwood Estates

RM of Dundurn

South Point Estates


Fibre is faster.

Don’t let the rural location of your home or business limit your communications options and slow you down! Redbird Fibre brings you ultra-fast rural internet services in Saskatchewan.

Our current and future fibre locations are featured below.

Is your municipality hoping to introduce a fibre-optic internet service? To find out more, email us at [email protected] or phone 306-979-6733.